Saturday, August 29, 2009

Yin Hau Temple Photos

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The Yin Hau temple I wrote about. I can only send a few pictures at a time through email, so I'm sorry I cant put more up. I have SO many great pictures, its hard to choose from them all! I hope they work.... I cant check to see! Cross your fingers I guess lol
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China Adventures!

We FINALLY have Internet working here in Zhongshan! I'll be better at blogging now.
I've done SOOOOOOO much in the last week and have 2 memory cards full of pictures! China is wonderful, but it is SO HOT and HUMID! We have been dying haha its hotter and more humid here than any other place I have visited. Haha its been quite the experience adjusting but we love it!
We got to visit Hong Kong before coming to our city and I LOVE Hong Kong! Its probably my favorite place I've been too. I got so attached to that city in only two days. We got to visit lots of places while we were there. Here are the places we went the first day:
- The Yin Hau Temple (one of the oldest and most traditional chinese temples in Hong Kong)
- The giant Buddha statue (Its HUGE and on the top of a mountain)
- A Monastery next to the Buddha statue (SO beautiful and AMAZING architecture and styles)
Everything was SO COOL and interesting. We all had an amazing time. Since I have to update my blog through email I cant control where the pictures go, or if they will even work, but I'll try and get them to go in order of the places I wrote about. If you want to email me I would love to hear from everyone. My email is
(Andee- if my pictures don't work on here, email me and tell me lol)
I would also like to do a shout out to my AMAZING friend Brittany- HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I love you and hope it's the BEST EVER and I'm sorry I'm not there to celebrate with you! You're GREAT!

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

The LDS website

So my mom told me that you can download the scriptures for your iPod for free on the Church website and so I was like,
"that would be totally awesome to have on my iPod in China" so I went and looked it up.
It is SOOOOO cool. I have the Book of Mormon, D&C, Pearl of Great Price, the Old Testament, and the New Testament now on my iPod.
But OH NO it doesn't stop there!
They have all these things you can download:
The Ensign
The New Era
The Friend
ALL the Conference talks from like FOREVER
Preach My Gospel
Jesus the Christ
Study Manuals for the different scripture sets
So I now have ALL those on my wonderful iPod and it will be great in China if I cant go to church every sunday, and just for everyday wonderfulness.
I am so thankful for technology! Haha instead of having to pack all those books, manuals and magazines I have them all on a little 3 in X 2 in metal box. It is so wonderful. I just LOVE our church for doing all that!
If you don't have all those amazing things on your iPod's already, I STRONGLY recommend checking out what the church website has to offer! AMAZING!

Tuesday, August 18, 2009


Ok everyone! It WORKED!!!!
This is SUCH good news to me! AH!
So, now I can send stuff to my blog! Hopefully pictures, too!
I'll try and send stuff as often as possible! Oh this is just soooo amazing my heart is overjoyed!
Such a RELIEF!!!!
Lets see if pictures work:

Emailing posts!

This is a trial run to see if I can email posts to my blog, and stay updated that way since China has blocked blogspot.
Well, here it goes!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Wedding Dash!

So I have 3 weddings this week. I've already been to two.
On Tuesday, my cousin Alyssa got married. She is a great girl and so beautiful. She had a wonderful reception! For her sign in book, she had a little photo booth like the ones in the mall and you got to have your pictures taken and then you tape the pictures into a book and write next to it, that way they have all the pictures for memories! I thought it was such a great, clever idea!
On Thursday my friend Josh got married to my my friend Kati. Friend weddings are always so much fun. I am so happy for them as they start their new life together.
Tomorrow my friend Terri gets married to my friend Dustin. I am one of her bridesmaids, so I have been able to help her with stuff all summer. We are excited for her wedding to get here! It will be a fun day tomorrow, even though it will be really long. I cant wait!
There have been so many weddings this summer I dont know what to do with myself! 9 friends of mine have "gotten hitched" and half of them were younger than me. 9!!!
I find myself saying over and over: "You're just 20, you're just 20..." but why must I feel all this pressure to be married so soon? It adds so much stress to a young girls life, and many, if not all, of my friends would agree. Why cant we be like other people and not think about marriage til we are 30? You know, just focus on our careers and getting settled in life rather than trying to do all of it at once. Its kind of an emotional overload, all this multi tasking.
Whew. I'm only 20, I'm only 20....