Thursday, March 11, 2010

My cast for "The Host"

I've been hearing a lot about how "The Host" is becoming a movie soon, and IMDB just wont let me see anything more than the movie being "In development." So frustrating.
I just read the book this week (LOVE IT!) and i thought I would post who my choice of actors/actresses are for the different roles. So, here they are!
Jensen Ackles (mmmm)
Melanie Stryder: (I picked two.. I can't choose between them, they'd both fit the part)
Ashley Greene & Missy Peregrym
Ian O'Shea:
Jesse Metcalfe (also mmmmm)
Uncle Jeb:
Brian Doyle-Murray
(The Janitor in "17 Again")
William Mapother
Kyle O'Shea:
Henry Cavill (yum)
Wanda: (I also picked two for her.)
Jayne Wisener & Amanda Seyfried I couldn't find someone I like for Jamie... there aren't that many cute, tan, black-haired, pre teen actors out there haha... but I'm sure the real casting people will find a good Jamie.
Anyways, I love this book and I am really excited for the movie. I hope it turns out better than Stephenie Meyer's other movies. If you haven't read the book yet, DO!