Thursday, March 26, 2009

My Uncle Steven

My uncle Steven passed away early monday morning. They think that he died to complications with a heart murmur. He also had severe osteoperosis, and hurt all the time. He is now alot happier. Uncle Steven was super cute. He was really my great uncle, but we all just called him our uncle, or grandpa, because he liked that.

He is dancing with my aunt and cousins.

Uncle Steven was left mentally handicapped after having encephalitis as a little boy which left scar tissue on the left side of his brain.

My amazing grandma has been taking care of him for years, and we all loved him alot. Uncle Steven was in a lot of pain, but he couldn't tell us because of his communication problems. It is for the best that he has passed on. He is now with his parents in heaven and very happy.

A few things about my Uncle Steve. He LOVED to fix things. He would sit for hours taking apart a VCR and then tried to fix it. He also loved his new cellphone and loved to send picture messages on it.

Here He is getting a "diploma" for learning how to fix computers.

He loved my grandma's kids and grandkids, and was overjoyed when we would call him grandpa too. He loved getting visits and having parties, especially halloween ones. He loved to dress up in costumes.

His "Three Stooges" costume. Can you pick me out of the crowd? ;) His cellphone. He loved his phone! My Uncle Steven was a really sweet person and we will all miss him, but we know he is much happier now that he is in heaven with his family and we cant wait to see him again, healthy, happy and alive!!!

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Creepy sounds in the Old Farm parking lot...

So.... Last night My roomates and I were over with the lovely girls of X3 watching a movie (The Secret Life of Bees, which I highly recommend).
The movie went great, and we sat and talked to about two in the morning.
We finally decided that we should head back to our apartment and get some shut eye....
We walked out the door and about three steps later....
And we heard the creepiest sound, like someone sharpening a huge execution axe, or metal talons scratching down a chalkboard, or some creepy old man opening a rusty gate. The sound kept coming, at regular intervals, making the sound even more chilling.
Better yet, it was windy, and the air was electric from the approaching storm. Perfect setting, right?
Screech, Screech, Screech, Screech.....
Becca immediately wanted to go check it out, but Brittany objected. Afterall, it was two in the morning and the sound was making the hairs on our arms stand up. So, Brittany pulled Becca into the house.
As soon as Brittany had moved out of the way of the door, Becca bolted out. Now Becca doesn't like to brag, but she runs FAST! By the time that Brittany made it to our front door to try and catch her, Becca had made it all the way around the corner of X3.
Screech, Screech.....
By now, I was getting pretty curious, and wanted to know what the sound was and where it was coming from. So I wrapped a blanket around me and went to follow Becca.
I couldn't find Becca for awhile, and by the time I did, Brittany had joined me. We saw Becca walking towards us from across the parking lot, and we were a little suspicious of her..... We assumed that she would try to scare us, so we tried to beat her to it, and attempted to scare her. We went and hid by the door of X2, so no matter which side she came around, we would be able to scare her.
Screech, Screech.....
But there was a problem... Becca wasn't coming. So we decided to sneak over to X3 to look around the back of the building, but she wasn't there. And then, all of the sudden....
Someone walked out of X3. It was our really good friend Lindzi! She said that her roommate Heather told her that she had heard creepy sounds outside, and naturally, Lindzi wanted to check it out too.
Screech, Screech, Screech....
So the three of us went to go find Becca and the sound.
When we got to where the dumpsters were, we found Becca. She hadn't figured out the noise yet, and so the four of us walked to where the sound was coming from - over towards the stadium.
Screech, Screech.....
We were walking kind of hesitantly.... the noise was nerve-racking, after all. And as we got closer and closer, the sound became louder and louder. Brittany was pretty nervous, and she kept grabbing me and using me as a sheild to protect her, just in case anything came our way. Isn't she a great friend? (Love ya Brit!)
We were almost to the edge of the parking lot, and the noise was insane.
Screech, Screech, SCREECH!!!
We were right next to the sound. There was a large ominous tree, with its sprawling, tangeled branches glowing in the erie moonlight.
We were too nervous to get any closer, so we stood next to a tan car, keeping it between us and the chilling sound.
We looked up in the branches, in the shadows and past the tree into the run down shacks on the neighboring land of Old Farm.
But we couldn't see anything.
And then, Lindzi noticed something....
The car we were standing by had its windsheild wipers still on!!! The lack of rain on the glass was causing the wipers to screech against the sheild, and it echoed across the parking lot to our apartments.
I still wonder how the wipers were that loud, and how they made that spooky, heart pounding sound, but it was.
And, so, the mystery of the creepy sound was solved.
Swipe, Swipe, SWIPE!!!!
** If you have any mysteries you need solved, contact The Mystery Investigators.
Office: Old Farm Apt U1
Work Number:
(435) 789-ARGH
(801) 44-SCARE
Thank you for your business **

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

My 20th Birthday!

Cassie, Brittany, Me and Andee!
Me and Andee-poo!
Megan, Becca and her sweet jacket, Jenny and Brittany!
Me, Megan, Chelsey, Jenny and Becca!
Me and Cassie!
Me and Brittany!
Me and Chelsey!
I turned 20 yesterday and had a great birthday! I have the most amazing friends that I LOVE!!!! I got such cool presents! Like Dr. Pepper pajama pants, an Orlando Bloom/Will Turner Pez dispenser, A really pretty neclace made from a geode, and personalized fruitsnacks in my favorite flavors and so much more awesome stuff! And my parents got me a really cool camera with way fun settings and I took lots of cool pictures to "scrapbook" the night. So bear with me :)
We went to Firehouse for dinner and had really good bread and Cordon Bleu pizza with this alfredo sauce that is to die for. And I got a free f'zhookie dessert for my birthday! They are like 20X better when they are free I swear. We also had cake back at my apartment and it was really yummy :) and all my friends sat and wasted their precious time just for me. I am so spoiled ha ha. Thanks guys!!! You are all THE BEST! I love my friends!