Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Dumbledore Oil Painting

So this semester I am auditing a Painting 1 class. I couldn't actually sign up for the class since I haven't taken any of the Art prerequisites, but the teacher is letting me sit in.  Its been a blast! The last painting we had to turn in had to be a portrait in an interior of some sort. It took me DAYS to figure out what I wanted to paint, but i finally did! And its MAGICAL (pun intended). Lets just say I took my Harry Potter obsession to a whole new level! Here it is!

Friday, January 7, 2011

I really wish I could Apparate..

Sometimes, as in most of the time, I want to be in two places at once.  Usually those two places are my home in South Jordan and my home in Logan. I love them both so much, and there are people in both places that I want to be with all the time.

Dang that two hour drvie....

The nerd in me wishes everyday that I could apparate like in Harry Potter. I mean, seriously, how cool would that be??

Thats all.

Sunday, January 2, 2011

New Year's Eve 2010

Me and a few of my friends decided to throw together a last minute New Year's Eve party.  It ended up being AWESOME.  There was a pretty good turnout. It was fun to see some of my friends I haven't seen in awhile, and to see my friends I see a lot :)

We had Elk steak and Moose jerky - compliments of Jeremy G. and Ken. And a whole bunch of other snacks. Then we played a ton of games, but we had to split into two groups to play.

Jeremy K., Brandon, Chelsey, Jeremy G., Megan, a girl, Austin

Josh, Kati, Tyson, Andee, Ken, Me and Brittany
Ken also brought a word search that his cousin made for him ten years ago. He hasn't finished it and was hoping to get some help.  The word search is huge- it is 1,000 words and I think, if I remember correctly, that there are 23, 760 letters, give or take a couple hundred.  And they are smart words- I bet half of them I don't even know, they're like scientists and stuff. I am starting to think his cousin is a genius. I got a little overwhelmed, so I made a goal of finding one a year. I found one word in time for 2010, and I found another word I'm counting for 2011 haha.

Ken, Brittany, and me working on the huge word search

The letters are TINY, and the handwriting isn't the best... haha
At midnight we went outside- from my porch we could see fireworks going off all over the valley. It was cool. We tried to sled down a pathetic hill, but it didn't work, we just got really cold. Then we went inside and found a game all of us could play (one of my all time favorites) - SIGNS.

Everyone got super into it and we had a blast! I love that game. Chelsey, Megan and I play it all the time up at school, so we are pretty good at passing our signs back and forth really fast which makes the game really fun. Andee's husband, Tyson, giggled like a girl through the whole thing- haha it was the best.

I think we ended that game around 2 o'clock in the morning when some of the people started to leave.  The rest of us sat around and talked for a couple more hours.  For some strange, unknown reason, Chelsey, Megan and I had a sit up competition at 3:30 in the morning. CHelsey and I tied (I guess... But really, I won... haha). We both did 55 sit ups.  Then we just leaned back at forty five degree angles. I think I won that one. And I think I won the planks too... haha who knows. It was too late to do anything like that. We're crazy. My abs finally started to get sore today.

Around four all the boys finally left and us girls could get ready for our sleepover.  Except we didn't. We ended up talking til 5:30 in the morning. Again- we were crazy.

But it was probably the funnest New Year's Eve party I've been to in awhile! Soooooo much fun.
I love all of my friends :)

Week of Weddings!

Four of my friends were married this week! Two different couples:
Taisa & Andrew and Amanda & Preston.

Taisa and Andrew were married on Tuesday, December 28. Taisa was my roommate this year, so by default, Andrew was too haha. We got to be really close, and I'll miss Taisa. Our other roommate, Jordan, is also moving out and I'll miss her a ton. My camera battery died so I didn't get any pictures at the wedding. But I stole one from Chelsey :)

My friends Amanda and Preston were married on Wednesday, December 29. Preston lived in my dorm building freshman year.  Megan, Amanda's twin, was my roommate. But Amanda and Preston didn't ever meet until after Preston got home from his mission and went to a party at Chelsey's house (go Chels!!) and the rest is history! Amanda is in my major, so we've gotten to be pretty close while bonding over our math nerdiness. I was lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids too!

Again, I had to steal pictures from Chelsey... haha

Mr. & Mrs. Lamb!
They're soooo happy!
All of the bridesmaids!
Best friends!

Megan caught the bouquet!
I'm so happy for all of my friends! You are all wonderful! Congrats!!