Monday, November 29, 2010

Fun with Friends

So, I don't know if you guys know this, but I really like you. You're all pretty awesome. I really enjoy my friends. I miss them when I cant be around them.

This last week I was able to see a lot of my friends because of the long break for Thanksgiving. It was nice. I got to see my "Sizzler friends" Stephanie, Lindsay and Francescia. We went to lunch and talked for like 2 hours, and then we went to the mall. We are each others best and worst shopping partners... We all LOVE to shop and spend money, so we enjoy going with each other, but we also convince each other to buy everything so we always spend too much when we're with each other. But I love those guys :)

I also went to lunch with my friends Andee and Kati. It was nice to catch up. And Andee is PREGNANT! So thats really exciting :)

I also went to dinner and a movie with Andee and her husband Tyson. I wasn't cool enough to have a date haha. Tyson was kind enough to point that out. However, Andee has now taken it as her responsibilty to get me dating..... haha its good, I guess, because I really need to start getting out of my shy bubble and dating, but I like to complain about it. But I think this will help. Haha thanks Andee, for watching out for my eternal well-being.

Last night was our Sunday night "Game Night."  However, it just ended up being me, Chelsey, Megan, Kyle and Jake ad instead of playing games we just talked about a ton of random things, from really really weird to very deep topics. Haha it was great. I like to just talk with my friends.

Oh, we made a new texting rule. Spread it like wildfire because we really want it to stick- we were all talking about how much we hate texting, and that when you do text, the tone that you mean to convey never comes across the right weay, expecially when you are sarcastic.  Since I am the QUEEN of sarcasm, I really struggle with this problem. So, we decided that when you say something sarcastic through text, that you suround it with the ~ symbol, kind of like using quotes. Example: ~I LOVE to text.~

So, this sentence could have been interpreted literally (heaven forbid) and people would have assumed that I really DO love to text, when actually its quite the opposite. Now, with the introduction of the new ~ symbol, we'll never have that problem again!

I thought I should share this, just in case I use it in a text and you're kind of confused....

Well, Thank you my friends, for being my friends. You're all


So this is VERY overdue. Oh well. That's the story of my blog.

This year for Halloween Chelsey and I decided that we didn't want to waste time at the stinky, sweaty Howl dance up on campus, and that a party would be more fun.


We had some pretty sweet decorations and we made a ton of food, and we had punch with dry ice for an awesome effect.

We played a lot of "Minute to Win It" games. Haha I suck at most of them. Bouncing pencils on their erasers into a jar is impossible. At least when I try.

After the games a massive dance party broke out. It started inside, but then our friend Tyler pulled his car around to our back patio so we could hook the iPod into his nice set-up. It started to get pretty legit from here on out. The music was loud, we were loud.... and we ended up getting shut down by our managers before the cops were called on us. Haha. I was pretty proud of our party. We even had word of mouth- people were showing up that we had no idea who they were. Pretty sweet party, eh?

Costumes were a MUST! Here are some of the awesome pics:

Chelsey was "Storm" from X-Men
Brittany was someone from Farscape (?)
Jake and Kyle were the wonderful duo of Buzz and Woody
I was Dorothy from Wizard of Oz
Haha we had 2 people come as Katniss from the Hunger Games! Megan as the "Arena" Katniss and Ben as "The Girl on Fire" Katniss.
There were a lot of other great costumes, but I'm too lazy to wait for them to load haha. But we had a BLAST!!