Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Silly Parker

So, Parker is my 8 year old brother. He is autistic, and can be very funny.
Here is one of the most recent conversations that had me giggling:
Parker: "Keara, what school do you go to?"
Me: "Utah State University."

Parker: "Do you go to Eagle Gate College?"

Me: "Nope, I go to Utah State."

Parker: "Do you go to Stevens Henager College?"

Me: "Nope."

Parker: "Well, why?!? Thats the best school!"

Me: "How come?"

Parker: "Because, when you start you get a laptop, and when you graduate its yours!"*(*Insert "Keara, you're an idiot" tone)
He totally repeated the commercial word for word. It was just so random and unexpected. I love it when he does such funny stuff. He's a pretty cool kid.

Monday, July 19, 2010


So, my dear friend Stephanie told me I had to watch Glee. I've heard a lot about it, but I've never gotten around to watching it. Well, it turns out they have started replaying the old series every Thursday night, and I happened to watch the very first one, and.....

I am a "Gleek."

I LOVE it. Last Thursday's episode was so funny. Sue Sylvester (If you dont watch the series, Sue is the woman in the picture) makes my laugh SO HARD. The whole show does. The script is just fantastic, and the characters are hillarious. And every week I get chills from the music. I love getting that feeling! I just cannot get enough, and I wish I didn't have to wait for it every Thursday.

If you want to start watching it, do! Go to and they have the first 5 episodes already up, and they post an episode every week after it airs on TV!

Sunday, July 18, 2010


So. All I wanted this summer was to find a job that I could just go to, do all of my work, do that work well, put my hours in, and leave. While trying to find a job, my dad told me that when he was younger, he realized this: that it doesnt matter what you do for work, you just have to think about it this way- that you are trading one package for another. So that was my theory for this summer. It didn't matter where I worked. I just want to work so I can trade it for the better package- moving back to school this fall. All seemed great when I was hired at payless. I mean, it SHOES for crying out loud. My most favorite things in the world. So I thought, "Hmmmm. This is a nice a package." Well, I didnt realize that I would be working with ALL GIRLS. Most of the time I would like to believe that I like most people, and I'm not too critical and I am pretty excepting of people. So, at work, I'm nice to everyone. I dont really care if what they are talking about isn't my most favorite topic of conversation. After all, I'm just here so I can return to Logan. And when I first started there, it was nice. But. Then I realized all of the girls are huge gossipers. And they all say that I can't go and tell 'so-and-so' anything, because she will tell everyone what I said, and that she causes "so much drama." And, lo and behold, that same girl is the one telling everyone everything. Its really annoying. And on top of all that, there are all these previous grudges everyone already has with everyone else. So, most of the time at work, I have to listen to the other girl tell me all of the horrible things she hates about all the other girls that work there, and the next night I listen to it all over again from a different girl. This is hard, because I dont want their gossip to change my opinion of the other girls, I want the girls to all have the chance to show me who they are, and not just go by what other people have told me. I'm trying really hard not to remember anything ANYONE tells me, and remained unbiased. And the whole time I have to keep telling myself "USU. USU. USU." And, I dont want to get caught up in ANY of it, because all I want to do is put in my hours and earn my money. So, while I'm listening to all these other girls complain about everyone and everything, I try and be cordial and nice. I thought that this would be fine, but now they all think I am their friend, and JUST their friend. And its SO ANNOYING. UGH. I seriously feel like its middle school all over agian. I guess some of the girls are still in high school, but still... why can't they just come and do their work? That's all anybody is asking of them. And part of Eclipse keeps popping into my head, where Bella tells Edward that she is Switzerland. One day I may just explode and tell all the girls that I am Switzerland, too. That I'm not choosing any sides, and that I am everyones friend, no matter if they dont like each other. One day... So, the majority of my duties at work seem to be peer counseling. I'm trying to slowly retrain all of these girls' thinking habbits into nicer ones. Hopefully it works. And meanwhile, if I have a glazed over look, its because I'm having to remind myself how awesome it will feel when I get to move back to Utah State. Five more weeks, five more weeks......