Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day Campout

This weekend I went CAMPING!
I love to camp, as does my entire family. Its the best ever. My mom's side of the family are camping enthusiasts, and they have camping down to a perfection. We go around 5 times a summer with them, and it never gets old.
I have a few cousins around my age, and we play cards ALL DAY. Seriously, if you want to play a good game of scum, come hang out with me and my cousins.
We also have amazing dutch oven cooking the whole time. My dad is an amazing dutch oven cooker. Its the best! I probably gain 5 pounds every time we camp, the food is so good.
My uncles also know how to make quite the campfire. If its not too hot to stand around, we laugh for hours at each other, all in good fun of course.
We also go fishing, four wheeling, horseback riding, cliff jumping and my anut Kerri supplies fun crafts. I just love summer (and hate winter) because I get to go camping. Its wonderful!!
And, I think, a family that camps together, stays together!
(Above, my cousins Alex and Tanner cliff jumping, and below, me trying and not succeeding in jumping off. It took my a few times before i got the guts to jump off..)

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

What Happened??


I haven't blogged in a long time.... what happened? I mean, I've never been that good at updating my blog, but I was doing pretty well, in China at least. I'm thinking it's probably because my life was very busy, but at the same time insanely boring. (and still kind of is… haha) So...

To update you on my life:

· Spring semester is finally over! I got okay grades. I was proud of them for the most part. An A in Nutrition, and B's in my Linear Regerssion & Time Series and Linear Algebra & Differential Equations classes.

· I am now moved home to South Jordan for the summer. So far so good, but a little dull. Call me! I'd love to do something.

· I am currently job hunting. (If you know of anywhere hiring, let me know!)

· I have started painting, and I really like it. I hope to make it a hobby that sticks. I'll post pictures when I finish my Great Wall painting!

· I hope to finish guitar lessons with my mom.

· I'll be going camping a ton, and I get to go this weekend!

· I have a lot of weddings! Yay, Marriage! Five of my cousins have been or are getting married in the near future, so that's very exciting! I also have several friends planning their weddings, and two of them are my amazing friends, Lindsay (from my China group) and my old time friend Andee (who just got engaged last week!). Summers are great for weddings!

· I know a lot of you won't believe this is coming out of my mouth (well, keyboard), but I am starting to run. My friend Lindsay (from above) and her twin ran a half marathon in March, and my roomies and I went and supported them in their crazy run. I don't know why, but ever since then I have wanted to enter some kind of race. I don't think I'll ever make it to a half marathon level, but I'm going to give running a try. I figure a lot of people love it, so it can't be too bad….. I'm starting off really easy though, and I am just going to do a 5K. We'll see if I even make it that far!

· I'm also reading a lot. I've already read 4 books since I've moved home, and I would love some new ones to read. If you have any good recommendations, please tell me about them! Well, that's about it for now. Hopefully I'll be more on top of my blogging this summer!