Tuesday, August 14, 2012

My new best friend.

Recently I was introduced to dry shampoo. I don't know how I lived with out it before. Especially during all my crazy roll-out-of-bed college mornings when I didn't have time to shower. I no longer will have to deal with it! This stuff is AMAZING. It has so many benefits already- not only does it make the oil in my hair not noticeable, but it also adds volume and texture to it! So my curls look GREAT and full of body, even after not showering for a couple days. Sounds to good to be true, right? And, another great thing is now I don't have to wash my hair as often, which we all know is better for you hair! I'm hoping mine will be able to retain more moisture now and not be as dry, which will hopefully create less split ends which will hopefully let my hair grow longer faster. See where I'm going with this?? Seriously people. Dry shampoo is the best thing I've found since Harry Potter. And THAT is saying something.

I bought the brand "So Gorgeous" Volume Renewing Dry Shampoo from Sally's. Its in a big shiny red bottle. I think it is a generic version of Big Sexy Hair, but I'm not positive. All I know is I would marry it if I could. So do your hair a favor and go buy a bottle today. Your hair will love you forever. And you wont have to shower your hair as much. Win win in my book haha.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Just became addicted to...

....downloading new fonts on my computer! Oh my, it may be my new biggest hobby haha. Its so cool. They have a font for everything- from Tangled to Disney to Transformers to LORD OF THE RINGS to HARRY POTTER to Adam's Family to Nightmare Before Christmas to Spiderman to A Bug's Life to Bewitched! And plus tons of cute "normal" ones, except there really isn't anything normal about them.  If you haven't tried downloading fun, free, new fonts to your computer, I highly recommend it haha. And don't be weirded out if you get a typed letter in the mail from me... I need an excuse to use my new fonts! Do you think my professors will let me type my papers in a Harry Potter font...? haha :) If only I could figure out how to use the fonts on here....

Thursday, June 21, 2012

**** Crickets Chirping ****

Wow. I've posted like two posts in the last year and a half. Awesome. Haha. Well here is what is new with me! 

I am now living back with my parents for the summer (boo) and missing being in Logan with friends! But its nice to see the family more and spend time with them!

I am pretty busy working, which is great! I'm working at a place called 
RISE, Inc. which works with people with special needs in a few different programs. A lot of the people we work with are in the Foster Care system and have behavioral issues or disabilities, or both. 

I'm currently working for their Summer Program, which gives kids with special needs opportunities to make fun memories while out of school like other kids their age get to do. Its so fun to see them having fun.  

So pretty much I am paid to play with kids all day haha. Its great. We do lots of fun things, like go to parks, go to movies, go bowling, and we go swimming twice a week. Chances are I'll be a nice golden brown by the end of this summer! And the kids are so cute! I love them already. A couple of them can be frustrating when they get super confrontational, but some of them are the most adorable kids you'll ever meet and it is so rewarding working with them! Its been a blast and I've only been working for two weeks! I can't wait for all the other fun things we get to do with these kids :)

I'm also pretty busy with two new callings in Church! I was really surprised when my new Bishop at the YSA here in Daybreak called me in to give me not one, but TWO, fairly large callings.  In the past when I have come home for the summer. I haven't been very involved in the YSA ward calling-wise.  I figured they thought it wasn't worth giving me a calling when I'd only be there for a few months!

But my new Bishop thought differently I guess! He called me to be a 
Ward Missionary and also to be a Gospel Doctrine Instructor (yikes!)
I'm pretty nervous about both of them, not gonna lie! They both put me out of my comfort zone,
(which is to sit back and not make eye contact or talk to anyone) 
and force me to be in front of people. 

 I don't know why, but I hate talking in front of big groups of people.  And this gospel doctrine class EASIlY has 75 people in it, probably more. And they are all older, too. And more experienced... haha I guess you can say that I am feeling super inadequate when it comes to me 
standing in front of them and having to teach.

BUT, ironically, I have been hoping for a teaching calling. Why, do you ask? Because I'm going to school to be a flipping teacher! Haha and I have realized that my crippling shyness and fear of being in front of people is going to be a problem when I graduate and start teaching high school in a year... so really this is probably the perfect calling to help me break out of that.  I guess I was hoping more along the lines of Relief Society teacher though haha- only half the people and I don't have worry about "impressing" guys either! (Stupid boys...)
Oh well, I'll live. 

My first lesson that I am teaching is this Sunday....  There's a pretty good chance that I may pass out when I stand up there.  Thankfully Casey is in the ward and he will be there to give me some much needed emotional support. And he better flippin' comment! haha. I just really hope it all runs smoothly... and that people don't think I'm a horrible teacher and shun me from the ward... haha.  
**Dont worry. I'm trying to overcome all of my irrational fears.**

As for my dating life.... Nonexistent.  I'll leave it at that.

Well, that's it for my life as of today... Haha hopefully this catches the one person who reads my blog up-to-date with my life!

Have a great day! :)