Sunday, January 2, 2011

Week of Weddings!

Four of my friends were married this week! Two different couples:
Taisa & Andrew and Amanda & Preston.

Taisa and Andrew were married on Tuesday, December 28. Taisa was my roommate this year, so by default, Andrew was too haha. We got to be really close, and I'll miss Taisa. Our other roommate, Jordan, is also moving out and I'll miss her a ton. My camera battery died so I didn't get any pictures at the wedding. But I stole one from Chelsey :)

My friends Amanda and Preston were married on Wednesday, December 29. Preston lived in my dorm building freshman year.  Megan, Amanda's twin, was my roommate. But Amanda and Preston didn't ever meet until after Preston got home from his mission and went to a party at Chelsey's house (go Chels!!) and the rest is history! Amanda is in my major, so we've gotten to be pretty close while bonding over our math nerdiness. I was lucky enough to be one of her bridesmaids too!

Again, I had to steal pictures from Chelsey... haha

Mr. & Mrs. Lamb!
They're soooo happy!
All of the bridesmaids!
Best friends!

Megan caught the bouquet!
I'm so happy for all of my friends! You are all wonderful! Congrats!!

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  1. hehe. You may steal my pictures if I can steal yours :). What fun!